Resources for Renewal offers media, resources and opportunities for immersive experiences that reveal sources of wisdom, creativity, insight and meaning. We provide access to a wellspring of renewal through seminars, retreats, and spiritual immersion experiences.


Resources for Renewal distributes resources for individual and communal growth and provides programmatic consultation with individuals and organizations. 


Resources for Renewal promotes greater understanding of human resilience using insights and practices from contemplative traditions.  Drawing deeply from prophets, poets, and saints, we work to respond authentically and courageously to the challenges of our day.

Through our offerings, we extend an invitation for you to experience renewal through inspiration, daily practices, community workshops and Spiritual Immersion Experiences.


“I loved this full-day workshop and hope that it is offered again for the benefit of others.  Gillian does a masterful job of presenting the core graces of the Spiritual Exercises, allowing them to resonate with our actual experience.  I valued the depth of both Gillian’s academic knowledge and the power of her own lived prayer, contemplation and ministry.  I loved the questions offered for silent reflection and then conversation in pairs.  That was essential to the value of the day.  Great pacing, with proper time for input, silence, reflection and sharing.  A truly exquisite experience.”  

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Resources for Renewal is an independent, non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Our tax ID number & financial information is available upon request. All gifts are tax-deductible to extent allowable by law. 

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