Every age needs voices of wisdom and vision to navigate the challenges of life.  

In response to the pressing needs of our world, we have developed

resources for renewal to support your desire for a more purposeful life.

Resources for Renewal offers media resources and opportunities for immersive experiences that reveal sources of wisdom, creativity, insight and meaning.  We provide access to a wellspring of renewal through seminars, retreats, and spiritual immersion experiences.


Resources for Renewal distributes resources for individual and communal growth and provides programmatic consultation with individuals and organizations. 


Resources for Renewal promotes greater understanding of human resilience using insights and practices from contemplative traditions.  Drawing deeply from prophets, poets, and saints, we work to respond authentically and courageously to the challenges of our day.


Resources for Renewal strives to make our offerings and resources available

to everyone, irrespective of their economic circumstances.  

Your donations make it possible for us to work in communities of greatest need.  As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, your donation to the scholarship fund is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  


We are currently seeking support for:

Distribution of Spiritual Exercises workbooks to shelters for the homeless and for domestic violence survivors ($50-$100)


Defraying the cost of a Spiritual Immersion Experience for low-income participants ($250-$500)


Dr. Gillian Ahlgren is a dynamic teacher of Christian spirituality.  She is an internationally-recognized scholar of the Christian mystical tradition, an experienced spiritual director, and a popular public speaker.  She engages a regular practice of contemplative prayer, gives retreats and workshops, and consults with communities seeking renewal and resources for growth.  She is the Founding Director of Xavier University’s Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice.

In her teaching and public speaking she promotes greater awareness of the transforming wisdom of spiritual leaders, past and present.  She creates moments of reflection, analysis and creative visioning for individuals and communities seeking greater authenticity and self-expression.

Dr. Ahlgren keeps herself on the front lines of social issues.  Her pastoral work involves spiritual accompaniment of women seeking recovery after domestic violence and women actively in recovery from addiction.


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