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Be inflamed with the fire of love!

Clare of Assisi’s letters to Agnes of Prague are filled with counsels about the  how to grow into deepening relationship with God and affirmations of the richness of life with God.

Clare’s continual practice of gazing, considering, contemplating and imitating Christ as intimate companion led her to affirm that God is the one.

Whose tenderness touches,   Whose contemplation refreshes,   Whose kindness overflows, Whose delight overwhelms,   Whose remembrance delightfully dawns.

As this profound, fertile and vibrant love relationship comes alive in us, we are empowered to engage life more lovingly.  A desire to dwell together and bring out the best in one another emerges.

The tender community that Clare gathered at San Damiano was one that was permeated by the transforming, empowering fire of God’s love, a love that she and her sisters wanted everyone to share.


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