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Francis and Clare: A Rich Legacy

A fundamental element of Francis and Clare’s way of life is its relational orientation.

Nothing created is complete in and of itself; it is created by, from, and for relationship

with all that is. Further, each and every person is a manifestation and a mirror of the

divine presence that loved it into being. This grounding in love makes a certain vitality

possible in each of us—a vitality that is quickened into life by the spark of the divine in

all creation.

Francis and Clare’s relational way of life shows us how to live together fruitfully in the

human community and in the web of life in which we participate. It corrects us of our

self-centered way that craves attention, control, and ownership. Instead, it invites us

into a way of responsible stewardship, generosity, and care for all things great and

small. The strength of the love that grounds this way of being can dispel the idolatrous

ways that we so often conceptualize and enact power in our world.

Francis and Clare show us that meaning, purpose, and joy can be found when hopes,

dreams, challenges, and all the things that make us human are shared, with God and

with one another. They show us how to pray and strive for communion in all things,

empowered by the presence of the One whose love gives life.


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