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In These Times

For over thirty years, I have devoted myself to making the life-giving practices of the Christian mystical tradition accessible to people—in classrooms, in workshops, in retreat settings, and in professional training sessions. We now face the challenge of containing the spread of COVID-19—a task that we can only accomplish with wisdom, collaboration, clarity, and discipline. We will need our best selves, our creativity, our talents, our wisdom, our intuitions, and our sensitivities. To tap into those gifts, we need spiritual practices that ground our responses and actions in integrity, wisdom and grace. Such practices are what will keep us sane and humane.

There are resources that help us to cultivate a deepening spiritual presence in our world—a presence that is capable of supporting, encouraging, and sustaining one another through this time of intense challenge. Resources for Renewal will be sending brief reflections, exercises and other tools to help you in these times: enduring wisdom from visionary voices, empowering practices that strengthen you in knowing what matters and in making wise choices, for yourself and others.

Today’s practice is very simple: clear a space.

Create some small space in your home where you can be, simply and quietly. Intentionally place a few simple symbols there to support your stillness and depth in that sacred space. Stay in that space for several 5-10 minute periods per day. Start slow. Start small. But start. Let yourself come home.


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