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Quarantine as Opportunity

As more and more of us globally are staying at home, we have a unique opportunity to re-imagine ourselves as a human community. Now is the time to recognize our common humanity, to look out for one another, and to grow into a new and universal solidarity that perhaps one day we can celebrate.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta famously said, “The problem with our world is that we’ve forgotten that we belong to one another.” Now is the time to re-member—that is, to slowly stitch together the fabric of the human family, to commit ourselves to doing all that we can to alleviate suffering, inequity and despair in our world. Now is the time to engage a real metanoia—a change of mind, heart, attitude, and action—so that together we can create a world that is truly a home for all.

A new and universal solidarity requires a new orientation in us. Will we rise to the occasion to embrace mutual accountability and growth? will we nurture and cultivate human goodness and giftedness, in ourselves and in one another? Drawing from the generous wellspring of God, in our depths and in our midst, we can take both inspiration and vitality from the source of life that God’s love is, consoling and galvanizing the human community at large as we take heart and draw strength from one another.

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