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Waking up in Assisi

Waking up in Assisi isn't quite like waking up anywhere else. But once you have known morning in Assisi, it is perhaps a little easier to wake up anywhere in the embrace of God.

The birds, soaring and singing; the bells of churches pealing; the greens and golds of the valley below; a pure and unbridled air entering your lungs; all the elements here speak of new life. Each day is a visceral reminder of the joy and goodness of life and of love.

I bring people to Assisi every year, and it is a single privilege and joy and blessing to do so. We walk in the footsteps of Francis and Clare in a way that allows them to speak to us through the centuries, until they, too, are walking with us. I like to say that, every year, I get to see people fall in love. And it is true. We fall in love, with life and with God, again, every year. And the effects are palpable.

In this blog, I invite you to walk with us, vicariously, as we open ourselves to the lessons of these passionate and wonderful human beings.


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