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Reclaiming our Humanity: Assisi and Beyond

Documentary Film

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Reclaiming Our Humanity: Assisi and Beyond is a documentary film about the journey of

eight people going to Assisi, Italy  on a week-long Spiritual Immersion Experience led by

Dr. Gillian Ahlgren. The film begins in the U. S., where participants describe their search for
meaning in a world of chaos and uncertainty. They share their concerns about the world we live in
and wonder aloud about the wisdom and integrity in politics, government, and institutions of all kinds. 

We see them wrestle with probing questions as they articulate their desire for something more.


Once the participants arrive in Assisi, Gillian leads them in a dynamic encounter with Francis and Clare, 

retracing their footsteps throughout the city and beyond. Through a combination of
immersion, interaction, teaching, encounter with nature and deep contemplation, 

the participants have the opportunity to grapple with the question 

“Do we like who we’ve become?” 


As they enter more deeply into the inmost lives of Francis and Clare, these sojourners are increasingly able to hear their own inner voice and find a new clarity of purpose for their lives. 

The film then follows the pilgrims back to their respective cities (Cincinnati and Chicago) 

to see how the Assisi experience transforms their outlooks and lives.


This film allows viewers to experience the beautiful historical backdrop of Assisi, 

and engage a Spiritual Immersion Experience, entering into the significant moments of Francis and Clare, who lived in a time of profound social and economic transition. As we explore their concerns, disillusionment and growing clarity that their had to be a different way of life, we begin to understand what motivated them to radically transform their lives and start a revolution of tenderness able to change church and society. We ask, as a group, how their stories speak to us today and what a similar movement to reclaim our humanity might look like for us.



Your financial contributions, in the following categories, will help us bring the transforming spirit of Assisi to a broad range of people looking for a more authentic, more sustainable way of life!

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