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We are here to support your resilience, creativity, and strength. We offer resources from wisdom traditions and provide ways for individuals and communities to grow together in solidarity, reflection, and collaboration.

Are you searching for renewal ?

 Learn about our

Spiritual Immersion 



Ready to experience spiritual practices?

Read more about our workshops, and customized programs.



Ready for an experience of spiritual practices?

Resources for Renewal provides customized programming for your community or organization.

Join theologian Gillian Ahlgren, author of Spiritual Exercises for the 21 st Century: A Workbook,

as we seek to develop and implement daily practices, and explore the wisdom of the most transformative figures of our traditions like Teresa of Avila.


These workshops are appropriate for anyone seeking tools for spiritual growth, personal empowerment,

and deepening awareness of purpose in life.

Community pricing, and scholarships available;

please inquire at resources.for.renewal[at]


~Spiritual Exercises for the 21 st Century~

“The most important qualities in the person who enters into these exercises

are openness, generosity, and courage…

for these exercises will lead a person to a true spiritual freedom.”

~Entering Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle: Lessons for Living Today~


“Let us remember that within us is a palace of immense magnificence.”

Workshop Testimonials

Your materials are superb!  The reflection questions for Week One helped me to see how God’s love is palpable in my life right now, experiencing the energy of love which I was not feeling because of my habit of mind.  Your material will support further reflection.  How do I want to respond to the God of my life?  Thank you as I go forward with this question!  You helped me experience God’s love in community.  I hope you offer this again.  

~Spiritual Immersion Experiences~

Looking for Renewal through Spiritual Immersion?

Our Spiritual Immersion Experiences are carefully crafted week long journeys

in the footsteps of some of the most transformative figures in the

Christian Mystical tradition. 

2020 Metanoia in the Footsteps of Francis and Clare


June 6 - 13, 2020

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